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Thank you, Syeda


Recently, I was so chuffed to be contacted by an old student of mine, who asked if I’d be willing to have her interview me about my journey to Islam, as part of her Journalism course. Of course, I love any opportunity to talk talk talk about how I came to be Muslim, so we met over coffee and I rattled on for a good couple of hours. Syeda put a wonderful spin on the article, picking up on my love of Science. She shared the finished article, and I just had to post it here because I think it’s beautifully written and captures my story wonderfully. So, here it is…

The Scientist who fell in love with Islam.

She sits patiently on the open deck of the shabby chic cafe.  The summer breeze blows at the scarlet cashmere scarf on her head, as she drinks up the glistening view of the blue lagoon.

Her mind wanders off to a distant memory. Engulfed in a crowd of hippies, she stands on the moss grass field, swaying her hips to the music whilst holding a pint of beer in one hand, with the other thrown up in the air. (more…)

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