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So, Ramadan has come to an end. And, for me, it’s a bitter-sweet feeling, just as the start of Ramadan was.

I’m 27 now, and this was my fourth Ramadan. For a revert, Ramadan can be a really lonely time. I personally find going without food and water pretty easy- since my first time fasting I was surprised how easily I got through the day, even in the heat of the UAE. This was clearly a mercy from Allah. In fact, I find eating during Ramadan much harder than abstaining. Let me explain why…. (more…)

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This month, it’s two years since I said my Shahada and entered Islam. So, I decided to reflect on a few of my most memorable moments from my short life as a Muslim. I was perhaps a little naive when I entered Islam, not realising the extent to which my new-found faith would cause upset amongst my family and some awkward conversations with friends and peers. This was probably partly due to the fact that I was living in the UAE; a place where it’s very easy to be Muslim, and also because I was wandering around in the little dream world where Allah was my best friend and I was in constant conversation with Him about how and when I would become Muslim and the exciting life that awaited me. (more…)

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