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Thank you, Syeda


Recently, I was so chuffed to be contacted by an old student of mine, who asked if I’d be willing to have her interview me about my journey to Islam, as part of her Journalism course. Of course, I love any opportunity to talk talk talk about how I came to be Muslim, so we met over coffee and I rattled on for a good couple of hours. Syeda put a wonderful spin on the article, picking up on my love of Science. She shared the finished article, and I just had to post it here because I think it’s beautifully written and captures my story wonderfully. So, here it is…

The Scientist who fell in love with Islam.

She sits patiently on the open deck of the shabby chic cafe.  The summer breeze blows at the scarlet cashmere scarf on her head, as she drinks up the glistening view of the blue lagoon.

Her mind wanders off to a distant memory. Engulfed in a crowd of hippies, she stands on the moss grass field, swaying her hips to the music whilst holding a pint of beer in one hand, with the other thrown up in the air. (more…)

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So, Ramadan has come to an end. And, for me, it’s a bitter-sweet feeling, just as the start of Ramadan was.

I’m 27 now, and this was my fourth Ramadan. For a revert, Ramadan can be a really lonely time. I personally find going without food and water pretty easy- since my first time fasting I was surprised how easily I got through the day, even in the heat of the UAE. This was clearly a mercy from Allah. In fact, I find eating during Ramadan much harder than abstaining. Let me explain why…. (more…)

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Share, share, share!!

This is a fantastic response to a list that apparently is floating round the net called ‘Top 10 Quran quotes every woman must see’, which of course is a cut and paste job, taking iyas out of context to make Islam look oppressive to women (oh, isn’t that novel). I highly recommend this article, which clearly explains the real meaning of each quote.

I learnt a few new things myself 🙂

So share, share, share!

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As we enter February tomorrow, it will be four years since I reverted to Islam. Forgive the negative tone of this post. Bear with me. It’s there for a reason.

I’ve just been reading my ‘Two years on’ post and, subhanAllah, it’s amazing how things change.

Back then, I thought I was done with all the hardship. I thought the hardest part of becoming Muslim was the reactions of my non-Muslim family and friends. I thought that once I was over the initial steps of putting on hijab, learning how to pray, getting used to fasting, I’d be sorted. (more…)

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From Ignorance to Love

As a revert myself, I love to hear stories about how others came to Islam.

I came across this video, of Brother Ibrahim Killington, and feel there’s a strong lesson in it. Ibrahim’s first experience of Islam was seeing the 9/11 terror attacks, and he developed a real hatred for Muslims. But then, he began to question the media and find out the truth for himself. I think this tells us that we can’t simply write-off people who oppose Islam, such as the EDL, because you just never know when someone might wake up to reality.

My favourite bit is when he says he thought the ‘tourists had declared war on America’!

May Allah grant Ibrahim eternal happiness in this life and the hereafter.

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It’s Census time again, and we received our form through the post the other morning. Although it’ll be my Mum who fills it in for our household (she loves form-filling!), I had a flick through to see what sort of information they’re collecting. Apart from it being really poorly laid-out (personal opinion), I think they’re missing a trick.

Of course, there are a series of tick-boxes for the religion of each household member. But there’s nothing to fill in to say whether you have changed religion (okay, they might put two and two together and if both parents are Christian, for example, they might work out that a child converted if they state they’re Muslim); it’s clearly something they’re not interested in.

It would be really valuable information to collect, and an easy way to do it. It’s a legal requirement to complete the Census, so it would give us the real picture of religion in the UK. I wish they had just added in that extra tick-box. Perhaps it’s a consideration for when the next census comes around, something the Muslim Council of Britain should lobby for.

But maybe it’s a scary prospect for government. Perhaps they’re not quite ready to face what might be an intimidating reality for them: Islam is growing. In fact, estimates suggest that the number of British converts has doubled in the past ten years, with young white women (that’s me! Go young white sisters!) forming the majority. Perhaps Mr Cameron wouldn’t like to see the evidence for this, given the commonly held belief that Muslims are foreigners…..and certainly not white.

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A few days ago, the English Defence League staged a protest in Rochdale, Manchester with a turn-out of about 500 supporters, met by around 150 United Against Fascism members.

Although the numbers are not startling (especially considering the new standard of protest set by millions of Egyptians recently), the fact that organisations such as the EDL, and the British National Party are gaining more momentum, should worry Muslims in Britain. (more…)

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